What you should know:

  • We take the breeding of dogs seriously. Our litters are
    planned after careful research into the comparability of the
    sire and dam. All litters are planned for the purpose of
    proceeding with our bloodline thus one pup from each
    litter is kept to be raised to carry on the bloodline if it
    grows to meet that potential. The pups we don’t keep are
    sold as pets on a spay/neuter contract.


  • Puppy socialization classes are a must for all Shiba puppies,
    and at the very least one level of obedience training when
    the dog matures.

  • Our pups are from parents that have been certified free of
    inherited disease and exhibit good temperaments in
    different situation.
  • The pups are born and raised in the house, underfoot, and
    socialized with kids and other pets. They are up to date on
    vaccines, health checked, and de-wormed before leaving
    us. Their health is guaranteed.
  • We expect our buyers to be dedicated to their Shibas for
    its lifetime. We do however, have in our contracts that if
    for some reason the dog can’t be kept it must come back to
    us for placement and/or I must approve the home.


  • We do not ship puppies sight unseen. Arrangements must
    be made to meet us and the pups in person so we can
    explain in detail the responsibilities of raising, training,
    and caring for a Shiba.

Our puppies are all AKC registered. Only  AKC upholds the integrity of the  purebred dog through  DNA
identification, home inspections of its breeders, and monitoring the exhibition of the purebred dog through
registered breed clubs. It is the “Gold Standard” of all registries and puppy buyers should acknowledge no
other in the US.